Signs Your Arena Needs a Mobile Pole Caddy

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Mobile Pole Caddy for your Arena needsBoth small-scale riding arenas and extensive event facilities have one problem: equipment management. While the size and scope may differ, their storage issues are the same. Finding space to secure excess equipment becomes an issue when you need to work on something other than training. Ring maintenance takes a lot work to keep the footing acceptable for the horses.  In addition, all riders know that flatwork is essential to improving condition and balance, and working around jumps can be frustrating and dangerous.

Safe & Accessible

The mobile pole caddy  the answer for facilities that must address the issue of equipment storage. With an extended tow bar, the easy to steer cart is excellent for keeping awkward poles out of the way but also accessible. Riders can complete their work on the flat and quickly transition to training over jumps. With a decent sized four wheeler, or RTV such as a Kubota or Gater, the caddy rolls effortlessly and can carry enough poles for an entire course and gates and standards.

Sweat Less & Ride More

Gone are the days of struggling with heavy wing standard horse jumps; the mobile pole caddy makes life at the barn safer, easier, and much less like a CrossFit workout. Whether designing a practice session using kid’s horse jumps or creating an advanced-level course, a caddy optimizes time while decreasing effort.