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rubber coated horse jump cupWe stock the best horse jump cups available. They are made from high quality professional grade steel and rubber coated for long life durability. Never mind losing the pins. They are an easy-to-use, one piece unit!  All of our packages include horse jump cups.

"The great thing about using Dapple cups is that you can adjust the poles without having to set the pole on the ground".  It can all be done with one hand"! This saves time and energy.

The horse jump cups shape and depth are suitable to maximizing safety as they possess smooth, soft edges rather than the jagged square shape seen in old style cups.

We also stock cups for PVC jumps and gate/plank flat cups.  Cups will fit 1/2 size holes and larger.

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Why Caddies Are a Must-Have Feature

A wall caddy is one of the most convenient ways to access the equipment you need to set up your arena—and put it all away when you’re done. It is an easily accessible, no-nonsense storage solution. However, there are other reasons why caddies are considered must-have features for equestrian facilities.

For example, caddies extend the longevity of your horse jump accessories. Leaving poles and other equipment on the ground exposes them to moisture and other detrimental conditions that increase wear and tear.

Furthermore, leaving poles or anything else on the ground poses a safety hazard to horses, riders, and bystanders. Getting things off the ground and out of the way in a caddy makes your facility safer. For these reasons and more, we recommend wall caddies to all arena owners.

No matter how big or busy your arena is, you could use more storage space to keep your poles and other equipment in order. Adding a wall caddy—or several—is the simple solution. Here at Old Dominion Horse Jump Company, we’re pleased to provide affordable and reliable wall caddies for equestrian facilities nationwide.

Contact us to order your caddy and boost your arena’s storage space and organization. All of our caddies are built with the same quality materials and attention to detail that we employ for our other equipment, from our standards to our kids’ horse jumps.

Mobile Pole Caddy

Holds up to 50 poles plus gates and more. Inquire for details.
Mobile Pole Caddy

Pole Caddy Brackets SPECIAL: $325

Holds up to 15 poles. Inquire for details.
pole caddy brackets

Flat Caddy

Inquire for details.

We also sell farm signs!

custom farm sign