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Horse Jump Equipment and Accessories

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Horse Jump Designs in Washington, VA

Do you want your riders and your business to really stand out at your next equestrian competition? If so, you need our custom horse jump designs in Washington, VA. Having a special design that’s catered to you and your organization is one of the best ways to advertise your business and make a memorable first impression. At our company, we’re well equipped to build you any jump size you desire and paint it with your choice of colors, fonts, pictures, and logos. You and your horse will probably use it a lot, so it should be unique to you.

Custom horse jump designs allow you a level of sophistication that standard jumps simply don’t. Standard jumps are all the same and therefore devoid of individuality. Custom jumps on the other hand can be decorated with your logo, school colors, sponsor name, or any other preferred design. We have more than 15 years of experience designing personalized wooden horse jumps for some of the nation’s top equestrians and are happy to put that experience to work for you too. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Our custom horse jumps are available in a range of colors and designs that far surpasses those available on standard jumps. We’ve designed custom jumps for Wake Forest, the University of Richmond, and more. Custom jumps are also a good way to provide advertising for your business or your sponsors, and attract additional sponsorship to your events.

We Let You Be as Creative as You Like

Our products are available in a range of colors and horse jump designs that far surpasses those available on standard jumps. We’ve developed designs and put them on jumps for clients like Wake Forest, the University of Richmond, and many more. Our work provides the perfect advertising opportunity for your business or your sponsors, and it’s the kind you only have to pay for once. Plus, the knowledge that you have a permanent form of advertising can attract additional sponsorship to your events, which will help line your pockets and grow your profits.

Aren’t wild about any of the designs pictured in our online gallery? That’s okay! Contact us to discuss your preferences and we’ll be glad to work with you. The biggest advantage of custom jumps is that you can have any style, design, or colors you want. If you can imagine it, we can do it. Our horse jump designs are done professionally, with neat and even results that retain their shine for a long time. Your horse, riders, and spectators will appreciate it, and we have no doubt you will too.

We Make Our Jumps with the Best Materials

All of our jumps are made with real wood, so you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience and danger of more expensive vinyl jumps. Our horse jump designs are revered by our long-time and repeat customers. In addition, these jumps are easy to care for and repair. They last longer, too. Never again will you have to worry about jumps splintering and lodging shards of vinyl in your horses’ legs. Nor will you have to use ugly sandbags to keep our wooden jumps from blowing over in a strong breeze. They’re sturdy enough to stay put on their own.

Although the designs are made to last, you still have the option of repainting them if you like. This makes it easy to change your sponsorship. Plus, since many of our jumps are made with recycled wood, they’re a sustainable, eco-friendly option. You can’t go wrong with our jumps. Even if you’re on a budget, we’ll work with you to meet your individual needs without breaking the bank. We have several ways to help you save money and are prepared to help however we can.

Our Horse Jump Designs Make Your Arena Memorable

When you need horse jumps, don’t go generic. It’s always better to have something that lets you make an impression on sponsors and spectators alike. When people are watching from far off to the side or up in the stands, being able to spot the jumps easily via bright colors and logos is extremely helpful. Kids especially are bound to love unique jumps more than boring uniform ones, and this could empower you to attract more business. Call us now and order your own custom wooden jumps and you’ll see what a difference they can make.

Contact us for the kind of craftsmanship you can only get from us. Our business is based in Washington, Virginia, and serves clients from all over the country.