We understand the importance of packing, wrapping, and placement of our custom horse jumps before shipment. It is a time-consuming process, but it is vital to ensure that all products arrive in good shape and without damage.

Because our products arrive assembled, we take extreme care to ensure they are protected during transport and delivered in a safe and timely manner.

Before shipment, each piece is wrapped, labeled with your contact information, and hand loaded. We strive to ensure that a non-stop delivery is made to your destination, meaning no transferring of loads during transport.

We accommodate shipments all over the continental United States as well as abroad. All customs documentation is arranged before loadout.

For more information on ordering new and used wood horse jumps, contact us today.

If you plan to pick up your horse jump designs, please bring protective materials such as shipping or horse blankets with you. Larger trailers provide more room and can cut down on damage from overloading and stacking of products. We want your jumps to arrive in excellent condition.

horse jump standards
horse jump standards and poles

While we cannot control the cost of shipping, we do our very best to protect your investment while on their way to you.

Our goal is the safe and efficient delivery of your order!

To ensure best possible service, all equipment must be accounted for within 24  hours of receipt of delivery.
Damages must be reported in this time frame to ensure streamlined service in the event a claim must be submitted.