Unique Horse Jump Designs

Custom Horse Jumps for a Business Opportunity or an Artistic Touch

Your horse jumps aren’t just for practicing; they’re an integral part of your arena’s décor and a chance to attract sponsors. Old Dominion Horse Jump Company accommodates those aspects in our designs for custom horse jumps. We have a 20+ year history of creating custom sponsorship, and corporate Grand Prix jumps. Our team also works with smaller-scale sponsorship jumps for local vendors and companies. Experienced equestrians make top-quality equipment out of hand-selected wood.

You can advertise your business by having your logo or colors on your custom horse jumps. This is a great way to get exposure to all the top equestrian affiliations, combining function and aesthetic for a worthy investment.

Proud to Design for Budding Equestrians

We even make custom horse jumps for kids on ponies or miniature horses, so younger riders can enjoy the design or colors they like. They love our gorgeous, detail-oriented products that can incorporate their favorite things. We make them out of durable wood, so they stay up, last longer, and aren’t in danger of harming horses’ legs. The right products make excellent practice so that kids become accustomed to maintaining their equipment.

When you buy from us, you and your family don’t have to wait for ages for your custom horse jumps. Our delivery is fast and reliable; you get them promptly and fully assembled. Call for details and pricing today.

Product and Service Details

We offer upgrades to our basic packages, like decorative tops that enhance the appearance of your standards while adding height. These are fitted to the top of each 4×4. We also add color to the pickets on the wing standards and stripe poles and offer colored gates too. Upgrading an existing package is an affordable way to add more color. You can also arrange to receive unpainted or unassembled jumps if you’re on a tight budget.

Let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll make it possible. We’ve painted custom horse jump designs for universities and some of the country’s top equestrians. These can also be repainted in case your tastes or sponsorships change, so you can plan on owning them for the long term.

Call (540) 987-8412 or Email OldDominionJumps@aol.com

Some of our recent new products! Prices include entire jump set as pictured.

Contact us for specialized orders.  We are based in Washington, Virginia.  Nationwide shipping available.