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Prices include entire jump set as pictured.

Why You Should Buy Custom Horse Jump Gates

Whether you’re new to equestrian competition or an experienced rider, you need custom horse jump gates to show your sponsorship affiliation. Customized jump gates contribute to your professional image, and perhaps more importantly, they can help you forge relationships with other equestrian affiliates with whom you’ll want to form business relationships.

At Old Dominion Jumps, we can customize your wooden horse jump gates to serve the unique needs of your riders and sponsors. We believe that sturdy, classic wood is the best material for building horse jumps, and many riders agree.

Our custom wood horse jumps don’t need to be held in place with unsightly sandbags, because they won’t blow over in a strong wind like many vinyl jumps do. Perhaps more crucial for your professional image, wooden horse jump gates don’t look as flimsy and cheap as vinyl jumps, but they are nevertheless far more affordable.

Most equestrians appreciate the classic, beautiful look of wooden jumps. More affordable than vinyl, wooden jumps also last longer, because they can be repaired if they break. A coat of paint can refresh the look of wooden jumps, too.

If you’re experienced with horses, you probably know that horses show more respect for wooden jumps. Horses don’t walk on wooden ground lines or knock wooden jump rails out of their cups. That’s good news for the longevity of your jumps, but it’s also good for your horses — riders who use vinyl jumps may find themselves having shards of plastic removed from their horses’ legs.

Custom wooden horse jumps bear your company’s name, for the maximum exposure that all businesses need to do well. Whether you compete at huge national events or smaller regional ones, getting your name out there is important. We here at Old Dominion Jumps have more than 20 years of experience crafting custom jumps for sponsorship ranging from the smallest local and regional events all the way up to the Grand Prix.

Give your company and your sponsors the representation they deserve. Let Old Dominion Jumps build beautiful, sturdy, custom wooden horse jump gates for your next event. Our long-lasting gates are a sturdy, affordable, and handsome alternative to vinyl.