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Wooden Horse Jumps are Superior

Wooden Horse Jumps

At Old Dominion, we have been building show jumps for more than 15 years and we are frequently asked whether wooden horse jumps are better than plastic vinyl jumps. Our answer to you is “don’t buy vinyl!” Every year, we receive many calls from new customers who say “I will never buy vinyl jumps again!” They don’t need to explain why because we already know.  DON’T SAND BAG YOUR ARENA!!

  1. Vinyl jumps look cheap, they look plastic and they are expensive. For example would you rather look at a vinyl sided house or a wooden sided house?  Honestly which looks better?  We know the answer to this question.  When it comes to appearance, wood is premium.  For everyday use, it is common knowledge among most professionals.
  2. Vinyl jumps always require the assistance of ugly sandbags, because they typically blow over in moderate winds.
  3. Eventually vinyl jumps will break. When they do, you can’t fix them and you can’t paint them like wooden horse jumps.
  4. Perhaps the biggest drawback is that horses simply don’t respect vinyl jumps. Because of the weight comparison of wood, horses habitually step on them when used as ground lines and knock them out of the cups when used as jump rails. We have had 2 customers over the years who have had to have pieces of plastic removed from their horses’ legs.


“The problem with vinyl jumps is they do not last as long as wooden jumps. They blow over and the use of sandbags is always necessary. The colors fade nor are they fixable when they break. They considerably diminish the look of your ring and the message you are sending about your facility.

Another huge detriment is that horses don’t respect plastic like they do wood. For obvious reasons this is due to the difference in weight. They tend to carelessly step on the ground lines and jump through the poles when they’re are set up in cups.”

Christopher Stevenson
Head rider and trainer for GEM Show Stables
West Palm Beach Florida

“I had moved my Show barn to a different location. I decided against bringing my own wooden jump course as they already had a ring full of vinyl jumps. During a lesson, one student’s horse crashed through a ground-line pole. The horse was cut pretty badly but I was confident that the wound would heal OK. Four days later we had to have our vet out to surgically remove plastic shards lodged in the posterior of the pastern. I wish I never let go of my wooden jumps!”

Mary Caligaro
Head Trainer
Quintessential Show Stables
Millbrook New York

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