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Rubber Coated Horse Jump Cups

We stock the best horse jump cups available. They are made from high quality professional grade steel and rubber coated for long life durability. Never mind losing the pins. They are an easy-to-use, one piece unit!  All of our packages include horse jump cups.

“The great thing about using Dapple cups is that you can adjust the poles without having to set the pole on the ground”.  It can all be done with one hand”! This saves time and energy.

The horse jump cups shape and depth are suitable to maximizing safety as they possess smooth, soft edges rather than the jagged square shape seen in old style cups.

The Dapple Safety cup acts in the same fashion as an oxer or break away cup. Basically when the cup receives enough downward pressure, the coupler will allow the arm to disconnect from the cup. The great thing about this cup is that you can reuse by utilizing the small allen wrench included with your purchase.

This coupler is adjustable so that you can customize the force that it takes to release. Many competitions have set requirements for cup resistence PSI. The coupler is made of stainless steel which is UV resistant, will not fade or rust, and will last a lifetime.  The Dapple cup follows USEA specifications.

We also stock cups for PVC jumps and gate/plank flat cups.  Cups will fit 1/2 size holes and larger.

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