A Beginner’s Guide to Horse Jump Accessories

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Horse Jump Accessories available nationwideA beautifully manicured arena with flags, flowers, and colorful horse jumps is an inspiring sight, but more goes into a stadium course than standards and poles. Horse jump accessories hold everything together while making the experience safer for both horses and riders.

Jump Cups

Jump cups insert into holes in the post of a jump standard or wing. Old designs never stand up to everyday use. Also, a good jump cup will keep the pole in place longer and safer. A new design by Dapple Jump Cups allows the pole to roll out of the cup safely, is easy to insert and remove, and can be adjusted according to tension requirements.

Pole Caddies & Brackets

The bane of any arena is extra poles not in use and in the way, on the course or during training. They are long, heavy, and awkward, making them difficult to move and store. Pole caddies are the ideal solution to improving safety by keeping the rails up out of the way while the rest of the equipment is in use.

Everyone needs the right tools to train correctly, no matter their skill level. While most packages come with standards, poles and cups, keep in mind all the other horse jump accessories Old Dominion Horse Jump Company can provide.