Things to Know About the Wing Standard Horse Jump

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The wing standard horse jump is the most common style that you will see in any competition or training arena, and for good reasons. They are versatile, durable, and one of the easiest to move for course changes. Wing standards are as varied as competition courses. They can come in bright colors, traditional and modern designs, and be customized to promote a theme, team, brand, or competition sponsors.

Built for Longevity

Unless you have an indoor arena, your wings, poles, and horse jump accessories will spend much time outside, so you need products built to last. Look for wing standards that include ground contact areas made from pressure-treated wood with bolted legs that improve longevity. Wing standard horse jumps are an investment and something you don’t want to have to replace frequently.

Reducing Damage

When buying new wing standards, look for designs that include as few sharp surfaces as possible. Horses and riders moving at high speed will appreciate soft edges that minimize impact damage and reduce splinters. No equestrian hasn’t felt unexpected and unforgiving contact with a wing standard or its poles, so it is best to look for products that will help ease the blow.

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