What are Horse Jump Cups?

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Horse jump cups are just one small but very important part of your jump arena equipment.  They play a very crucial role. The jump cup, when attached to the standard, holds the pole in place. However, they don’t just hold the pole; they are also specially designed to allow the pole to fall with a bit of force. This is designed for the safety of the horse and rider.

Why? If a horse hits a pole without any give, it could injure its leg and or flip the horse and rider and suffer serious harm. So, it’s important to consider the cups carefully when buying horse jumps or building your own. Read on to learn more about what to look for in jump cups.

What Every Jump Cup Needs

While horse jump cups come in a variety of styles, any style worth it’s salt will feature the following:

  • Medium Cup: If the cup is too deep, the pole may not dislodge easily enough to be safe for the horses.
  • Smooth Edges: Since the horse may also brush against the cup itself, avoid styles that are sharp shapes or have protruding edges.