What the Standard Is for Horse Jump Roll Tops

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Horse Jump Roll Tops


For a horse and rider to compete successfully, they need to be prepared. There is no better way to introduce a horse to the obstacles it will meet in competition than to include the various styles in your arena. Whether hosting an event or offering a training opportunity, ensuring you have the right size and width is critical.

Custom-Made Roll Tops

Horse jump roll tops are made in parts. Each part can be three to five feet wide, depending on the width of the finished fence. Official competition width is twelve feet, but training facilities don’t need to abide by that standard. If you want your roll tops wider, remember that they will be heavier and more challenging to move. The roll top’s depth is typically around three feet, but it may be broader or narrower depending on your design. The height of the jump is usually two feet, but custom sizes are available from specialty companies.

A New Dimension of Jumping

Horse jump roll tops are a popular choice for many event organizers and facility owners. They are a solid and manageable fence with few parts but bear in mind their weight when planning your courses. You don’t want to be moving them many times throughout the day. Horses usually find solid obstacles a challenge, so the roll top is used as a standard element on most courses.