Various Types of Horse Jump Gates

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No competition would be complete without standard elements like horse jump gates. Although not the most basic jump equipment, they are without a doubt one of the most popular. Gates offer a unique perspective, throw unusual shadows, and look more solid than most other jumps your horse will encounter. These elements can mean that if your horse has never seen one, they won’t want to jump it.

Staying Ahead of the Competition

Including horse jump gates in your stadium equipment toolbox ensures horses get a chance to see the various types of jumps they may encounter in competition. Horse jump companies that specialize in creating these gates can provide your facility or course with a wide array of colors, styles, and heights. They include:

  • Picket
  • Diagonal
  • Solid
  • Lattice
  • Faux Patterns (including brick and stone)

The various gates can change the way your horse approaches them and challenge even the most experienced equestrian team. Giving a horse a chance to see jump gates before competition means a higher likelihood of success in the arena.

Pre-Built & Custom Designs

No matter which type you choose, every course needs a gate to add an element of interest and a higher level of difficulty. From totally custom designs to pre-built horse jumps for sale, you can improve performance and increase confidence with the addition of these tried-and-true obstacles.