How Custom Horse Jump Planks Can Improve Your Partnership

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When you want to introduce your horse to a dynamic and interesting obstacle, change up the planks on your fences. Custom horse jump planks can be tailored entirely to your stadium course and training facility design preferences. Made-to-order products allow riders to familiarize their horses with a comprehensive range of jumps, so they’re prepared to meet various elements on competition day.

Desensitizing To Win

It’s not possible to expose your horse to every obstacle you’ll see competition; however, it is possible to desensitize them using a wide array of colors, styles, and patterns. The experience they gain from custom-made horse jump planks can help them focus on the job when it matters most. No one wants their horse to question an approach because it’s looking at the jump instead of where it’s going. Familiarize your partner with as many fences as you can while in training, and the results will bear out in the arena.

Training Tools Improve Performance

Optimize your facility’s range of training tools and increase the appeal of your stadium courses. Stunning horse jump planks are made with care by a company that understands how your partner’s mind works. There’s nothing more satisfying than an arena full of colorful fences, standards, poles, and planks that invite horses and riders to test their skill and teamwork.