Can You Build Your Own Horse Jump Coops?

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natural wood-stained horse jump

While you save a lot of money when you purchase horse jump coops, DIYers might feel more inclined to try building their own. Fortunately, the process isn’t too difficult if you have decent carpentry skills. Here are the basics of constructing your own jump coops.

Cut Your Lumber

Most of the cuts needed for a simple A-frame style jump coop are straight cuts. However, for the “A” part, you will need diagonal cuts. Lengths will vary based on the size of your coops, so be sure to calculate and measure correctly to achieve the horse jumps you want.

Build the Base

You’ll need two A-frames to form the base of the coop. Each triangle should be double-sided and capable of standing on its own. There are a few different ways to achieve this, so choose a method that works for you and delivers reliable stability. Bear in mind that your finished coop will be slightly higher than the height of the A-frames because you’ll be attaching the longboards.

Attach the Long Boards

To finish off your horse jump coops, you’ll need to attach the long boards across the two frames. You can leave some space between the boards or aim for a solid appearance. Be sure to take your time on this step to ensure your coops last for a long time.