Essential Horse Jump Equipment

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Horse Jump EquipmentCompetitive horse jumping is an exciting sport that demonstrates the unity between a horse and their rider. When you have been tasked with designing a jumping course, a deluge of ideas may be flooding your head. While aesthetics and arrangement of your course should be a design priority, it is equally important to consider the essential horse jump equipment. The equipment you choose, after all, may have a direct influence over your design choices.

A horse jump has two essential components: the standard and the pole. The standards always come in pairs, and they are used to place the pole. Combined, they form the horse jump. One of the great things about this essential unit of horse jump equipment is that they are highly customizable. After you have decided on the style of standard and poles you want, it is easy for everything else to fall into place. You can collaborate with a custom horse jump manufacturer to create sets that match your vision.

Another essential, yet often-overlooked piece of horse jump equipment is the jump cup. The jump cups are the brackets that a pole rests on. These pieces are important because they play a direct role in scoring. More importantly, the type of jump cups you use may affect the safety of the horse and rider.

When designing a competitive horse jumping course, the designer is always treading a fine line between form and function. Before starting your next project, get in contact with an experienced horse jump manufacturer to discuss your options and potential design decisions.