Types of Horse Jump Accessories

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Horse Jump AccessoriesCompetitive horse jumping is a fast-paced sport that can generate a lot of excitement and emotions. A jumping course tests a rider and their horse to their limits, and spectators will appreciate the thrill and drama from the show that emerges from it all.

Of course, with today’s ever-connected and overstimulated world, it can be a little challenging to hold an audience’s attention. In response, course designers are looking for interesting horse jump accessories that can vastly improve a layout’s visual impact. Here are a few of our favorites:

Roll-Tops: Competitive horse jumping has roots in hunting, where a noble and his entourage would take their horses to hunt game in the rough and tumble woods. The roll-top simulates the appearance and danger of fallen trees and logs. It can be a unique visual element if you are designing a hunting or wilderness-themed course.

Walls: The wall is a classic complement to the horse jump. Depending on your desired motif, you can add a wall to your horse jump and paint it to take on the appearance of a cobblestone fence. Alternatively, you can paint it in your organization’s colors or add a logo. The wall is a simple addition that brings a wealth of design options.

Planks: Planks are similar to walls. The main difference is that they take the places of unused pole cups to create slatted barriers. Many designers like incorporating planks into their horse jumps because of their versatility. They are relatively simple to change out, which can broaden your options.

There are many different horse jump accessories on the market. To bring out your ideas for the next awe-inspiring course, we recommend you commission a custom horse jump manufacturer. By working with an experienced team, you can take your ideas to the next level.