How Modern Horse Jumps Raise the Bar

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Horse Jumps

Horse jumps are some of the oldest and most iconic standbys of classic equestrian competition. They allow trainers and riders to showcase their animals’ incredible abilities with fast-paced, high-flying leaps over set heights. In the modern world of exciting events, the jumps themselves have come a long way since their ancient origins, offering enthusiasts greater challenges while improving safety for the horses themselves.

The core function of a contemporary jump is simple. It has an adjustable bar for the horse to clear, which releases under enough downward pressure in the event that an animal doesn’t quite clear the obstacle. The release is critical because it prevents tripping and other potentially devastating accidents from injuring equestrian competitors of both the two and four-legged variety.

Ideally, a well-made jump should be:



Easy to Adjust

Safe for Horses

Crafted with Quality


As the sport grows, however, jumps also offer another opportunity: advertising. Customized creations allow owners to feature logos and other creative designs that draw the eye and make an impression on both spectators and sponsors. They also add some visual flair and help each event stand out, fostering greater love for equestrian competition while assisting owners who need to consider their bottom lines.