The Value of Quality Horse Jump Cups

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Horse Jump Cups

The world of equestrian sports is fast-paced and always in need of valuable innovation. Even small components, like horse jump cups, can make a huge difference in an animal’s safety — or a rider’s. That’s why choosing the best cups on the market matters for trainers of all backgrounds. Fortunately, modern creations like the ones available from Old Dominion Horse Jump Company make it easy to protect your animals and simplify your life.

That’s because they employ a wide range of features that allow for smooth release, easy adjustment, and hassle-free installation. A small investment can make a huge difference by improving:

Animal Protection — Made with smooth edges instead of the jagged square shapes of older models, modern jump cups minimize the risk of injury at every possible juncture. From practice to professional events, horses deserve to stay as safe as possible when they perform their jumps.

Dependable Adjustability — Previous jump cups often required users to set poles on the ground to adjust bar height. Newer designs allow for upright alterations, and the process is so simple that it can be done with one hand.

Cup Durability — Made with stainless steel, contemporary jump cups resist UV rays, rust, and other sources of wear to allow for a lifetime of use.