Why You Need a Horse Jump Gate

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Horse Jump Gate

Equestrians looking to improve their success at competitions must understand their horse’ striding and foot placement.  Also known as paces.  A great tool for practicing timing and spacing is by using jump poles and horse jump gates. Through regular practice, you and your trusty equestrian companion will become more confident with the process, which will render cleaner rounds and better executed jump sets every time.

Where to find the correct equipment to purchase for your ring is a great question?  Well, there are a variety of different types of horse jump gates in the market. It is always essential to use the best equipment when training to win.  Instead of going with flimsy, mass-produced vinyl gates and jumps, always make sure you are picking solid built, wooden gates and equipment instead.

Why solid wood instead of vinyl? There are a number of different reasons why. The first is that solid wood horse jump gates do not shatter and cause injury to the horse.  This buys confidence with safety in mind, a better experience for you and your horse. Furthermore, solid wood is easy to customize. That means no matter what type of size, or customization you require, a wooden gate allows you to create the best jump that will suit all your needs.