What Kind of Horse Jump Equipment Is Right for You?

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Horse Jump Equipment near meChoosing the best horse jump equipment for your arena can be complicated. You must consider what training you do and what kind of horses and riders. For example, if you serve young beginners, kid horse jumps are must-have items, but they won’t be necessary if you only work with experienced adults. The size of your space, the local weather conditions, and your property’s aesthetics should also be considered. Read on to learn about the equipment available to determine what’s suitable for your arena.


Standards & Poles: If you have nothing else, your arena should at least have standards and poles for jump training. Consider getting a custom style to suit your property’s aesthetic or team’s brand.


Walls & Gates: By adding horse jump walls and gates to your poles and standards, you give the horse extra encouragement to jump and can also boost your arena’s image.


Roll Tops & Half Rounds: Add an extra level of perceived “danger” to your arena with a roll top or half round. These enormous obstacles are perfect for training and come in many different styles.


Cavaletti: Few tools are better for teaching horse and rider striding, timing, and balance than classic cavaletti. Plus, they are easily adjustable for different heights.