Brighten Up Your Arena with A Striped Color Horse Jump

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striped color horse jumpTo keep training sessions and competitions interesting, consider adding striped color horse jumps to your equipment. Not only do they add some flair to time spent in the saddle, but they also add another level of difficulty for the horse. Striped poles will catch the eye of even the most experienced horse and how they approach the jump.

Visual Effects

This extra level of engagement is due to the fact that the stripes can cause an optical illusion that makes the clearing the jump more challenging. Foot placement, stride, and the height of the jump are all considered when you ask an inexperienced horse to attempt a striped color horse jump.

Interchangeable Interest

The choice of color combination is yours. Whether you want to match the standards or have a variety of colors, a top-tier horse jump company can provide the pattern you want and the quality you need. And don’t forget to include horse jump accessories. From cups to pole caddies, make your life easier by stocking up on the essentials for your facility to ensure you’re always prepared.

Give your horse something to think about and add some color to your life with brightly painted poles and standards. You’ll never regret investing in horse jumps that turn your arena into a rainbow of obstacles.