TA Variety of Horse Jumps for Sale

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yellow, red, and blue horse jump standards

Horse jumps come in many different styles. A good training course should include multiple forms to push both the horses and riders to a higher level. Likewise, mixing different styles creates a more visually interesting course. Read on to learn more about the various types of jumps for sale:

Standards: Jump standards and poles are perhaps the most common equestrian jump training equipment around. If you ask an outsider to picture a horse jump, this is likely what they imagine.

Walls: Horse jump walls come in many different forms, but they always work well for adding an extra challenge to a jump and more visual interest to a course.

Planks: Thanks to their versatility, planks are one of the most popular horse jump accessories. They are easy to change out within a course to add more depth for both the rider and the horse.

Gates: Gates are favorite among many course designers due to their immense visual appeal. They can also be easily customized to suit different sponsor colors.

Roll Tops: A crucial part of any jump training, roll tops increase the jump difficulty while also adding a new visual dimension to the course.

Coops: Like gates, coops pair well with standards and poles to create a more challenging and aesthetically appealing obstacle course.

Cavaletti: Cavaletti is a foundational horse jump accessory for riders and horses that are practicing their striding, timing, and balance.