What are Horse Jump Cups?

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There are a wide assortment and types of equine training equipment available.  Horse jump cups are an important part of every hunter-jumper course.  Finding the right cups to help achieve your goals is essential.  Let’s take a closer look at these small but crucial components.

A jump cup is a crucial component that holds the poles in place. They must maintain the poles position while also allowing it to dislodge with minimal force. This easy release feature is vital to preventing injuries.   The pole must break away on contact or the horse could suffer serious harm. Thus, it’s important for any equestrian to choose horse jump cups with care.

Important Features for Jump Cups

How do you determine if a certain style of jump cup is suitable for your training setup? Here are some key features to look for when shopping around:

Shallow Cup: The jump cup should be quite shallow, ensuring the pole will dislodge with ease.  These are preferred for beginner riders, children, and those with green horses.

Deep Cups:  Jump cups that are for more advanced riding and jumping.  They require more force to dislodge from the pole.

Gate Cups:  Jump cups that are suitable for hanging gates and planks so that they rest in the cups evenly.  They are designed flat to achieve this goal.

Cup Features:

Smooth, Soft Edges: To further prevent injury, avoid any jump cups with a sharp, square shape.

Long-Lasting Design: Since your horse jump cups will likely be outdoors, look for designs that will stand up well to years of exposure. Rubber-coated cups are durable and last for years.

Versatility: The best jump cups allow you to adjust them with ease to suit any training program.