Types Of Jump Poles

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Getting the right jump poles is essential to ensure your horse can be challenged to jump higher for upcoming shows. The poles themselves, however, have to be made of durable material because it’s guaranteed that hooves will be knocking into them during practices. That’s why Old Dominion Horse Jump Company Inc. has the equipment you need, made of long-lasting wood and painted over to suit your taste or show theme.

If you’re looking into purchasing jump poles, make sure you’re getting the kind that works best for you; there is a broad range of jump pole types to choose from, such as:

Jump Horse Planks
Jump Horse Gates
Horse Jump Wing and Schooling Standards

Jump poles are as versatile as the jumps used during shows in that they come in different styles. Stack them or cross them diagonally to train your horse on how to figure out the best jumping angle. Being able to implement pole work into your training regimen will enhance your horse’s strength and flexibility, allowing it to clear taller heights. The angle and stacked poles will encourage your horse to lift its front end and round their body over the fence, making a more graceful jump.