Horse Jump Cups — Small but Significant

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Horse Jump CupsThere are times when everything relies upon one key piece of equipment. This is the case of horse jump cups. These cups fill a key role. They’re attached to the standard to hold the poles in place. If the horse leaping over this hurdle hits one of the poles, the arm disconnects, which is a nice safety feature.

You demand such safety and quality built into all of the equipment you have for jumping. When you’re dealing with horses and their riders, you don’t want to leave any margin of error in the equipment they use to train or compete.

A Necessity for Safe Jumping

Jumping is built into many equestrian endeavors, most notably show jumping, but also dressage and eventing. And it’s a necessity for races, such as the steeplechase. With the popularity of shows and competitions that involve jumping, well-made cups are more important than ever.

For your training or racecourse, look for jump cups made with galvanized steel. Add a rubber coating that’s UV-resistant for longevity and value. Also, see that horse jump cups meet specifications from the United States Eventing Association. This way, you can use them for these exciting events that show off horse and rider to their best advantage.