Choosing the Right Jump Cups

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Best Horse Jump Cups

Though they’re often overlooked, jump cups are nevertheless an essential part of your jump. Whether you’re a serious equestrian or a hobbyist, it’s well worth your time to think carefully about the type of jump cups you use with your jumps. Cups affect your horses’ performance, the ease with which you’re able to adjust your jumps, and your equipment’s visual appeal.


For example, jump cups come in different materials — mainly metal, and plastic.  Metal cups are heavier, and plastic cups are easy to handle, but more likely to be damaged. The one that’s right for you depends on your personal preferences.  Old Dominion Horse Jump cups have a steel design coated in heavy duty rubber.  They will not rust or leave marks on your standards…they are easy to use and safe.


Another consideration to bear in mind is pins. Some jump cups require the use of pins, but a large number of equestrians decry pins as overly troublesome. If you buy cups from Old Dominion Jump Company, you will never have to claim your pins as lost or damaged because the design is all one piece!


In essence, the best horse jump cups are sold by Old Dominion Jumps.  Professionals rave about the ease of use the look and the price.  Shop today at