Tips for Beginning Jumpers

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Show jumping requires the maximum physical effort from both horse and rider. A horse and its rider need daring, physical ability, and sharpness to be successful at show jumping. The horse must also have exceedingly powerful muscles in the hindquarters to provide the necessary spring and extended stride required in jumping.

It is important for riders who are beginning jumpers to take the time to consider how to enhance their chances of long-term success in the sport. One way is to set goals by making a list of all the competitions in the area and finding out about entry requirements and eligibility.  Some additional tips to help you negotiate your first horse jumps include:

Even if some training sessions leave you feeling frustrated, keep at it. Discuss your techniques with experts that can help you improve your form. It is possible that your jumping style can be enhanced significantly with a couple of minor adjustments to your technique.

Gain Confidence and Good Judgment
The right jumping instructor can help you hone your skills. With the proper training, your confidence and good judgment will grow as you clear more jumps safely and in good form.

Build Up Your Experience
It’s essential to take your time and perfect your jumping style rather than entering competitions before you are ready. Fix the minor flaws in your jumping style before you think about competition. While your horse may be an experienced jumper, he or she relies on your guidance at all times.

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