The Importance of an Equestrian Helmet

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In the equestrian world, the importance of wearing a safety helmet cannot be overstated. The statistics prove that you can even be injured in a fall while mounted on a stationery horse.  The most experienced equestrians sometimes have accidents that result in head injuries. Not wearing a helmet during an accident can lead to serious brain injuries. Riders of all levels are at risk of sustaining an injury due to a fall. It’s especially important to wear the proper helmet when schooling over horse jumps. Some of the helmet guidelines that all riders need to follow include the following:

  • Replace your helmet with a new one if you have a hard impact blow while wearing your hat. Damage to the hat you were wearing may be invisible to the naked eye.
  • It is recommended that you replace your helmet every few years. Helmets incur a lot of use over time and they become worn from sweat, heat, dust, and rain. The Styrofoam inside the helmet also becomes too worn to provide adequate protection.
  • Changing your hairstyle can affect the fit of your hat. As you are trying on helmets prior to purchasing, wear your hair in the style that you expect to wear it in when riding.
  • You take a risk when you purchase your helmet online because it may have sustained previous damage that you cannot see.

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