Keep Your Horse Jump Poles Tidy with Mobile Pole Caddies

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When you’re looking for something to drag your ring, you will want to remove your jump poles and equipment to clean up, you will most likely benefit from a mobile jump pole caddy. Jump caddies are perfect for storing or transporting your jump equipment (poles, gates, and planks) in and out of the arena during jump practice.  If you use mobile jump pole caddies, your jump poles will be more likely to stay in good condition for years. They are equipped with medium-duty undercarriage running gear rated for 2000 pounds of equipment. The mobile jump caddies can be pulled with medium size four-wheeler or tractor.  Easy to use tow bar to hook up to your vehicle are included.

A jump pole caddy, or wagon, as they are sometimes referred to, comes with easy to remove trees or forks that will allow you to disassemble the unit for storage or shipping to another location.  If one mobile pole caddy does not hold all of your equipment, you may want to purchase multiple mobile pole caddies as they easily hook together to haul your entire course. Flatbed caddies available for standards and fillers.

Mobile pole caddies are a fantastic solution for storing your showjumping poles safely and practically. They’ll help keep your jump poles clean and prevent them from becoming damaged or rotten when they are not in use. The ingenious, convenient design means that you can select poles as needed in a safe and practical storage solution.