The Top Equine Jumps

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Equine JumpsEquine jumps are the staple of competitive horse shows around the world. They test the strength, speed, and ability of a horse. At the same time, they challenge riders. This post will highlight some of the most popular equine jumps that you can find in competitions, exhibitions, and training courses.


This is an equine jump that is comprised of several poles placed one on top of the other. The poles have little spread or space between them. Verticals are one of the fundamental portions of a jumping course, and many horse and rider pairs begin their training with a variant of this obstacle.


The bounce is meant to simulate a horse’s ability to clear a large gap. It is actually a group of jumps that create a single obstacle. Typically, a bounce is comprised of several fences that do not give enough room for the horse to enter a stride between jumps.


As its name suggests, the wall simulates the appearance of a brick or stone barrier. While they appear solid, they are meant to fall over easily to protect the safety of the horse and rider. Walls are a common obstacle in show courses.

If you are interested in adding equine jumps to your course, then you can’t go wrong with these recommendations. Hire a horse jump equipment manufacturer to begin working on your course.