Why You Need a Wall Caddy for Your Horse Jumping Equipment

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It doesn’t matter whether you have a big, busy arena or a more intimate setting; you could always use more storage for your jumping poles and other equipment. Adding a wall caddy to your space is one of the best ways to keep all your horse jumping equipment in order.

Reliable and affordable, wall caddies are one of the most convenient ways to access the horse jumping equipment or accessories you need to set up your arena—and then put it all away when you’re done. These caddies offer a non-nonsense storage solution that makes it easy to find what you need to have your arena and equestrian facility perfectly organized.

Better organization isn’t the only reason to consider adding a wall caddy to your space. They also help you extend the longevity of your equipment since leaving poles, and other accessories, on the ground can drastically increase wear and tear. Additionally, equipment on the ground or in inconvenient places could pose a safety hazard to riders, horses, and bystanders. Adding caddies makes your space safer, cleaner, and more organized.