What is a Horse Jump?

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Horse jumping is a classical exercise that demonstrates a horse and rider pair’s ability to navigate uneven terrain. A course can incorporate twists, turns, and a variety of obstacles to test the physical acumen of a horse and a rider’s ability to control them.

At the core of these courses is the horse jump. While many manufacturers will sell horse jump accessories, it’s crucial to know what is defined as a “jump” in horse eventing. This article will go over some of the basic definitions.

Get Familiar with Obstacles

Horse jumps are also referred to as “obstacles.” They are placed together in a series to form a course. Depending on the event, you will see different types of obstacles.

It’s important to make a distinction between a jump and an obstacle. From an equipment perspective, a jump is a single unit comprised of a pair of standards and poles. The poles can be placed horizontally or diagonally in a V-shape. A filler may also be placed between the standards to add a visual element to the jump

One or several horse jumps can be combined to form an obstacle. Many types of obstacles are possible and can test a horse’s sprinting, leaping, or cantering ability. Popular obstacles include oxers, arrowheads, and banks.

Course designers are tasked with creating tracks that are both visually appealing and challenging for participants. Many horse jumps can be customized to fit the aesthetic theme of the event or match the color scheme of a hosting organization.